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All About Tricomitis

Tricomitis was founded in 1991 with the aim to provide to our customers with top-of-the-range service that ensures windows and rooms are beautifully planned, designed and finished.

Whatever your needs and requirements, our team is ready to create the perfect, tailor made curtains or blinds for you. We always strive to create new and innovative solutions with the aim to make rooms at their very best. For this, we invest heavily in the entirety of our tasks, regardless of the size of the project. We love the challenges each project brings and our attention to detail ensures you get ultimate results. 

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Designed for you

Our made to measure service is at the very heart of what we do; it’s where our expertise and creativity come into their own. Our dedicated team can transform your favourite fabric into bespoke products which are beautifully made and skilfully finished by hand.

Come and meet us!

Book your appointment at
+357 25 339422 or

Make your choice

Our team is ready to assist you choosing from a large and varied selection of unique fabrics

We will deal with the measurements ...

This will be done by one of our experts to ensure accurate measurements ...

... and installation!!!

... but also to review the space before the installation. As a company, we always promise high-end quality and service on our products!

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Excellent Customer Service from Start to Finish

Our team is ready to assist and make the whole experience as smooth as possible. When you book an appointment to discuss your needs, every detail of your vision will be covered.  Perfection takes time and that is exactly what you will be given to ensure that your expectations are met. Whatever the size of your project - one room or a complete house - the guarantee remains the same - you will have amazing tailor-made curtains or blinds to complement your room. 

We always strive to exceed your expectations with our wide range of bespoke products and high-quality service. Making clients happy is a priority. It’s our pleasure to work again with past customers and those that come to us because of personal recommendations.

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